My husband: Mr. HANDY MAN!

Unfinished Wood, Muskoka Chair
My husband did this

My husband is a handy man. I never knew! *grins*

This is a Muskoka Chair. They are somewhat similar to the familiar Adirondack chairs that sell so well. We bought these at Canadian Tire store to go out on the balcony of Rob’s apartment, so I’ll have some place to sit that doesn’t bite my leg/butt every time I stand up or sit down. Yes, the old metal chairs hated me. These new ones look nice, sturdy and I love that they have a place to put his coffee or my soda.

There’s a second chair to be put together, and then he’ll put a waterproofing coat on them so they don’t weather too much. Can’t wait to get to Canada in August and take a seat outside with my handyman.

I love that he is willing to leave it the unfinished white cedar rather than staining them. I have to admit, I love outdoor furniture that is unfinished and takes on the appearance over the years from the weather and elements, without being ruined…thus, the waterproof sealant.

Now, we need to find a new table for outside. (Sorry, darlin’ !)

Welcome to Heaven’s Garden

Let’s blog together

Heaven’s Garden Productions (CA) is glad to welcome its readers to our new space.  After much contemplation, my husband and I decided to put our three businesses together into one corporation, as they are all connected with our self-publishing adventures.

My husband, author Rob Graham will be a regular Monday Mania blogger in the upcoming weeks and months. You’ll never know what to expect him to talk about. It could be his stories, his thoughts on politics or really, anything. Stop by to find out what he thinks and to comment.

We hope to begin a Wednesday Workshop that will be ongoing. The first bit will be about Social Media, as I have some things already planned in that respect.  I’ll try to spend about a month with each aspect, giving you new ideas on how to use Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and much more.  I’ll link you to some of the best free/paid programs, as I see them from experience.

Friday Friends will be the days when guest bloggers stop by, or we give you the name/addy of friends we think are worth following their blogs. It could be anyone…even Neil Patrick Harris or George Takei. You never know who we’ll suggest.

Sunday Snippets will be when we promote books, ours or others, or we’ll do reviews on books we’ve read. We may share a snippet from a Work in Progress (WIP) You’ll have to come back to check us out and see what we have to offer.

In the near future, we plan to have a regular offering of Two for Tuesdays, which will be two reviews, two books that we think are worth reading, or a review and a book offering.  This will be coming shortly.

The new features available  here at Heaven’s Garden will begin being offered in the next week, when we’ve had time to get some of the kinks worked out of starting a new blog.

Please, come join us each week to see what authors angel and Rob Graham have to offer and to comment at any time.