Unfinished Wood, Muskoka Chair
My husband did this

My husband is a handy man. I never knew! *grins*

This is a Muskoka Chair. They are somewhat similar to the familiar Adirondack chairs that sell so well. We bought these at Canadian Tire store to go out on the balcony of Rob’s apartment, so I’ll have some place to sit that doesn’t bite my leg/butt every time I stand up or sit down. Yes, the old metal chairs hated me. These new ones look nice, sturdy and I love that they have a place to put his coffee or my soda.

There’s a second chair to be put together, and then he’ll put a waterproofing coat on them so they don’t weather too much. Can’t wait to get to Canada in August and take a seat outside with my handyman.

I love that he is willing to leave it the unfinished white cedar rather than staining them. I have to admit, I love outdoor furniture that is unfinished and takes on the appearance over the years from the weather and elements, without being ruined…thus, the waterproof sealant.

Now, we need to find a new table for outside. (Sorry, darlin’ !)

2 thoughts on “My husband: Mr. HANDY MAN!

  1. I bet we can make a table from a palate or two from some of the businesses, like Canadian tire. Looks like simple, straight clean lines. Just the cost of nails. We have the waterproofing. We’ll have to look into that when I get to Canada for a few months!

    Don’t ya love me, Mr. HandyMan!

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