5 Ways to Promote Yourself on Facebook: Workshop Wednesday

Today begins our feature, Workshop Wednesday. This will be when I try to help you navigate different aspects of the writing world. For the next bit of time, I’ll be addressing mainly Social Media/Promotion/Marketing for Authors & Artists.

Today’s topics is:

Facebook Logo

Promote Yourself on Facebook.

1. Get your Facebook Page set up. Facebook has this help section that talks you through it.

2. Get Hoot Suite Set up. (You can use Tweet Deck, Seesmic or whatever works for you), I prefer Hootsuite. I started with free and went to the $9.99. I HIGHLY recommend paying the $10.00 a month. It affords you the ability to do much more to make your time devoted to Social Media MUCH shorter.

3. Find the groups that will help you with promotion/marketing. We’re covering Promotion this week, but many of the groups will also be the same you find with the Marketing Workshop coming up next week.

4. Once you’ve joined these different groups, make sure to say hello, and find out how they run the group. Tweets4Authors has different DOCs you can add your information to, etc…and this will help you find others who will both promote you, and you can promote back. Follow the rules in the groups. It helps.

5. Start promoting yourself through your Facebook Page. By now, you should have your Avatar/Timeline Cover up that represents you/your books/brand.  You’ll be using HootSuite to schedule posts to go not only to Facebook, but LinkedIn, Twitter and if you are using the paid version of HS, you can also post directly to your groups you just set up. This saves MUCH time.

This is really more of a “mini” workshop. We’ll go more into depth at a later time with how to really get “down and dirty” with Facebook and promotion.