Not Going to Confrence Confrence (NGTCC) @ Romance Divas

Not Going to Confrence Confrence (NGTCC) @ Romance Divas

What is this? Not Going to Confrence Confrence (NGTCC)? Is this some kind of secret club?

Well, NGTCC is the brain child of Romance Diva’s, a forum that is geared toward the romance writer and all its sub-genres.

There are workshops that will help the writer to craft even better works, there is one on how to set up an email newsletter with Mail Chimp, and there are DOOR PRIZES! These are some of the best prizes to offer you’ll find anywhere. There are usually free books to be had, in the past  there has been a Tarot reading or two. (I won one my first yeart at NGTCC, it was eerily accurate)
Did I add that there are Publisher Spotlights, Pitch Events, Q & A, Panels to go with the  aforementioned Workshops?  Oh, and a Virtual Bar to attend after the workshops where you can meet and greet with other writers. If you stumble into the Steamy Virtual Bar, make sure you have a raincoat…there’s a lot of drool there, to go with all the man/woman candy that shows up. Naked abs, beautiful women…(wipes drool from chin What?! I like a hard bodied man and a soft curvy woman!)

Publisher Spotlights

Crimson Romance 

Boroughs Publishing Group

Avon Impulse

Pitch Events

Deb Nemeth, Mallory Braus, Gina Bernal and Alissa Davis – Carina Press

  •  Accepting two-paragraph pitches

Ann Leveille – Ellora’s Cave

  • Accepting pitches of 200-250 words.

Chelsey Emmelhainz – Avon

  •  3-5 Sentence Pitches


Troubleshooting Plot and Character Arc with Jodi Henley

Setting up Mailchimp Newsletter with Jeanette Murray/Kat Murray

Emotion: Your Most Valuable 4-Letter Word with Emily Ryan-Davis (Steamy)

Adventures in Self-Publishing: A Bestselling Author Shares How an Indie Side Project Changed Her Perspective on the Writing Career with Galen Foley                                                                                                               

Workshop/Conversation: Choose Your Own Ending: Laughter or Tears with Mima

A Year in the Life of an Indie Romance Author with Cate Rowan & others (moderated by Amanda Brice)


The Man’s Perspective with David Bridger, with a bonus Steamy Edition for 2012!

Legally Fiction: Ask an Attorney Your Intellectual Property Law Questions with Amanda Brice                                                                    

It’s going to be a busy three days, but oh how much  great information is available! Come join the Fun at Romance Divas NGTCC. It’ll be a blast.

Feel free to comment and tell your stories of past NGTCC, or if you’ve never attended, ask questions about what goes on. See you there.