Agent in Training by Jerri Drennen: A review (Monday Mania w/Rob Graham)

Agent in Training by Jerri DrennenI have a small confession to make. Although I write romances, both erotic and paranormal, I don’t read them often. They generally don’t appeal to me as I find them formulaic.

However, I suffered a bad bout of insomnia a few days ago. At three in the morning I opened up my iPad and started up my Kindle app. Running my eyes over the books available I selected Agent in Training by Jerri Drennen.

I ended up finishing it in one sitting.

Firstly, I was charmed by the set up. The heroine is taking over a national security agency and the hero, a new agent there, is not happy about it. This leads to friction between them.

At the same time they are very attracted to one another. An attraction that adds to the friction. It was rather fun watching the two of them spark off each other, try to deny how they felt, succumb ‘for just one night’ and then move away only to start over again.

Added to that is it quickly becomes apparent that some one wants the heroine dead.

For some extra pathos, which I quite liked, the heroine’s father is suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s which creates still more stress for our reluctant lovers, and leads to some questions about what the real lineage of the heroine is and how she got her job.

But what ultimately won me over is that the book broke one of the unwritten rules of romance. One I’ve railed against in the past.

Bluntly, I’ve rarely read a romance where the hero wasn’t above the heroine on the social scale. Nurse falls for doctor. Lieutenant fall for her Captain, and so on and so forth. That meme bugs me a lot considering how far women have come.

The heroine in this book is ten years older than the hero, and the head of the agency they both work for. It was this delicious breaking of the rules that made this book quite enjoyable. The heroine certainly wanted the hero, but she didn’t need him.

Even at the end, when she was confronting the person out to get her, she saved herself. The hero was on his way, oh yes. But she had dealt with the problem on her own.

That, more than anything else, made Agent in Training a very good read for me.

Since people like stars in their reviews I’ll give it 4.25 out of five.

Much enjoyed and highly recommended.