Blood of the Volcano by Imogen Howson/Her Highland Laird by Debbie Mumford

Today’s Two for Tuesday is a full length novel, and a short, quick story. First, let’s review the Short Story.

Her Highland Laird by Debbie Mumford HER HIGHLAND LAIRD by Debbie Mumford is a kindle edition and about 52 pages long. A short story for sure. A slightly different take on the age-old time-travel romance story, it has its good moments and its bad moments.

One of the good moments is that the heroine, Cat Logan wanders into a store where the shop keeper has a beautiful antique box, a silver casket. No one has been able to open it, but Cat is able to do so. Inside, she finds…
For me, the bad moments were that because the story is so short, it feels very rushed, without a lot of characterization of the hero, (Eideard ), a 15th Century Scotsman or the Heroine, Cat Logan from the present time.

The story is told mainly from the female’s point of view, with a few turns for the male point of view. I would have preferred to have seen the man’s POV a bit more, and for the story to be longer, allowing it to be fleshed out considerably more.

This book was good, but it just wasn’t fantastic for me. It was merely okay. average, I believe is what I’m trying to say. I see that Ms. Mumford has written a fair number of books, and if I’m seeing correctly, this may have been one of her first. If I were to do a star rating, I’d rate it a *** .

DISCLAIMER: I received a free copy of this kindle book to read and give an honest review.

Next up is a full length novel by Imogen Howson.

Blood of the Volcano by Imogen Howson

Blood of the Volcano involves shapeshifters, but it’s not your run of the mill werewolf. No, Maya is a maenads. Not juBlood of the any maenads, but the leader of the Temple Maenads. These women are sworn virgins, touched by the blood of the volcano god. She lives for the ritual.

Philos is a shifter and an empath who is marked for killing. You see, his gifts are illegal. Not considered to be given by the gods. He’s been hiding his empathic gift near all his life.

Maya goes on the hunt for this fugitive, but the hunter has become the hunted. Philos traps her, in her human form, and she feels worthless, craving only to be maenads again. It’s truly what she lives for.

Over time, Maya begins to realize that Philos is not the criminal she was led to believe he was. Through a series of events, that include a number of other ‘gifted’ people, Philos and Maya must decide what is important. The dream of what they each have wanted, or the love they are beginning to share.

Blood of the Volcano was a nice read. I read it over several weeks, while going to the Dr. (So, it didn’t get read in one sitting as I like to do…but it worked.) For the most part, I liked this book by Imogene Howsen. It was my first time reading her, and I am sure I’ll be looking to find more books by Ms. Howsen.

If you like shifters, and you want to read something just a bit different, you should try Blood of the Volcano. You’ll enjoy it. I give Blood of the Volcano a **** rating.

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of this book and have reviewed it on my time and because I wanted to be able to let Ms. Howsen know I enjoyed her book. No other compensation has been made.

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