Jax Cassiday: Friday Friend

Today’s friend is Jax Cassiday, owner of Jaxadora Design, and Designer Extrodinare. Jax is also an author of paranormal romance.

To quote Jax from her design blog:

When I’m not designing, I can be found:Jax Cassiday, Author, Graphic Designer

1. writing contemporary, paranormal, or erotic romance at my favorite coffeehouse
2. frequenting Romance Divas, an award-winning romance writer’s resource and discussion forum I co-founded with Kristen Painter
3. preparing for future art shows or learning a new craft (knitting, scrapbook, collage, floral arrangement, etc.)
4. shopping for techno-gadgets
5. lounging at a spa
6. speaking engagements or book signings
7. obsessing over twitter and Facebook
8. blogging
9. experimenting in the kitchen
10. working on charities or trying to save the environment…

As you can see, Ms. Cassiday stays busy. I met Jax through, yes, Romance Diva’s, where she is one of the co-founders. I have enjoyed getting to know Jax through RD’s, and hope to soon read some her work. When I grow up, I hope to design even half as well as she does.

If you haven’t “met” Jax yet, You can find her online…

jax cassidayMy Website
My Blog
JaxArtistry (Photography) :: Website coming soon.
Romance Divas
Linked In

Have you met Jax yet, read her books, seen her designs? If so, please share what you think. We always welcome comments.