David Bridger: Friday Friends

Can you believe it, I have a male friend to add this week! You can flick my head now though, because Yes, I met him through Romance Diva’s.  What can I say, it’s a great place to find fellow authors and good friends.

David BridgerDavid Bridger is one of the handful of male writers I have encountered in the last three years. He’s also proven himself a very apt writer. I will be reading one of his books, The WeaverField’s Heir in the near future, and my husband will be reading another, Quarter Square.

David is living in England at this time with his family, after working twenty years doing things based on the ocean and its tides. He hasa been a lifeguard, sailor, intelligence gatherer and an investigator.  He now writes science fiction and fantasy.

I understand when he says the sea calls him…it has called me for years, but I’ve been forced nearly always to close the door upon it…David says that the stories he feels called to write call him more than the sea. I for one am glad he has listened to the call of the books at this time.

David is dealing with some medical issues and has been forced to take a reprieve of a sort. He is offline through the rest of August and perhaps into September in an effort to get some of his medical situations straightened out in a hurry.

On Diva’s, I have learned that David has what many would classify as the “Typical British” sense of humor. It’s a bit dry, a bit caustic and a wee bit sarcastic at times…but it is never hurtful or demeaning.  It’s a humor I identify with strongly, as it’s my style of humor.

David has some fantastic posts you will want to take a look at, particularly if you are an author: What Are Your Obstacles to Productivity? Be sure to look for the other parts to the short workshop. You may help identify some of the things stopping or slowing you down in reaching your goals.

I hope to have David join us here at Heaven’s Garden soon.  If  you’d like to learn more about David Bridger, please feel free to leave a comment on this post and let us know what your questions are. Who knows, maybe you the reader are just what is needed to lure, erm, entice, ermm get David to join us.