The Scarred Soul by Tracy Alderman/Beginning to Heal by Ellen Bass Two for Tuesday

The Scarred Soul by Tracy Alderman is one of those rare self-help books which really does help. As a self-injured who is going on nearly twelve years without an active SI episode, I know that this book can be a life preserver.

Do you cut or burn or engage in otherwise harmful ways to yourself? Do you know why you do this? These are some of the things which Ms. Alderman encourages each reader to discover for themselves.

There are different exercises you can do, ways to help yourself in modifying your cutting behavior. I know it works as I was once you. Sometimes, when being completely honest with myself, I could be there again. It is, in my opinion, a possible addiction not unlike smoking and alcoholism. Is one ever “cured?” I don’t know. I don’t think even Ms. Alderman would know, but she does know what she’s talking about when she explains some of the reasons one way decide to engage in self-harm.

Beginning to Heal by Ellen Bass

About twenty years ago, a dear friend asked for more information regarding child sexual abuse. I had the larger book, The Courage to Heal but realized it would be too overwhelming. Beginning to heal gave my friend the basics of what she needed to know, and it gave her some information that let her know that the things she had been doing to try to help me such as believing me, listening, supporting me, were all the right things to do.

The section for family & friends who are supporters helped her to see that taking time for herself, her family, would not jeopardize our friendship, nor my recovery.

I highly recommend this book to anyone recovering from child sexual abuse, or those who are supporting survivors of the same.