I really enjoy being domestic

My wife and I bought a slow cooker on Friday. It was a great price, too good to be passed up.

Today we did a pork roast in it today. It turned out great. We’ve lots left for sandwiches and there will be enough for stew. Yum.

It’s probably because of where I used to live that I like doing this sort of thing so much. I lived in a house run by a charity. It was a place where people with problems, like I had at that time, could live while they got their acts together.

Unfortunately, some of those people with problems had problems that made them, um, difficult to live with. Sociopaths, psychopaths, general abusive control freaks were not uncommon roommates for me to have. This meant things like cooking meals could be dangerous. Some people decided the kitchen was theirs and were not above threats of violence and destruction of property in order to make their ownership clear.

So having a place of my own where I can cook a meal in safety is a joy to me.