1. Find the book you wish to review and read it. Pay attention to what you find extraordinary about it, either bad or good. I like to take notes while reading to help me remember.
  2. Decide where you wish to post the review. You may have your own blog. This is a great place to start. If you do not have a blog, consider joining book communities such as Goodreads, LibraryThing, or Shelfari. All three of these allow you to add the books to a collection and to review it. You will need an account. This is a good thing for reviewers who buy their own books to keep track of what they have bought and read. Perhaps you may wish to leave a review at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, or Kobo.com. If so, you will need accounts for these places also.
  3. Now that you have read the book and decided where to post your review, it is time to write your review. Check what each place you are going to post your review requires. For instance, Amazon requires at least 20 words for the review and recommend approximately a 300 word review. Other places, such as Goodreads ask you to indicate if your review contains spoilers, those things which may give away key elements of the book have are reviewing. Please be truthful when answering that question. many readers, such as myself, do not want to read spoilers.
  4. Write the review, explaining in your own words why you liked or disliked this book, try to refer at least once to the name of the book, and the author’s name. This helps the reader to remember which book review they are reading, and can help you in the same way as you write the review. Explain if there are a few punctuation, spelling, or grammatical errors, or numerous ones that are difficult to dismiss. You may wish to mention if this is a book that is self-published or by a publishing house. This matters to some readers. For myself, it does not normally matter. Be sure to separate your paragraphs and to check your spelling. Walls of text, with no paragraphs or punctuation will have most readers disregarding your review, despite how accurate it may be.
  5. Remember to review the book and not the author. Do not make mean or nasty remarks about the author. Be as professional as possible, even if you are writing your first review. Reviews can help to make or break how well a book does, so be https://heavensgardenca.wordpress.com/category/2-for-tuesdays/ you are being honest ago giving constructive criticism, and not just ragging on a book and/or the author.
  6. Reread your review and edit it as is necessary. Check your spelling, and punctuation most especially. Use a critical eye to see where you can clean up your review so it will cast you and your reviews in a better light.
  7. Go to the places you wish to post your review and do so. Be sure to click save, or enter, or submit after pasting it to the site. If it is on your own blog, you may wish to add covers of the books you have reviewed.
  8. If you would like to see how I do my book reviews, go to Two for Tuesday category, and click on one of the posts. You need to find the way that works best for you, but this gives you the most basic facts necessary to get you started.
Book cover
Happy reading.
Have you written any book reviews in the past or perhaps you do now? Share a link to your blog or review in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “How to write a Book Review: Workshop Wednesday

  1. This is a review I wrote this summer after reading the book, “Some Like it in Handcuffs”

    Nobody does sexual tension like Christine Warner. Wow! From the moment those cuffs clicked into place around Sunny Kennedy’s wrists, I was hooked!

    Working undercover at Benny’s Backyard Playhouse, Sunny has found a comfortable position for herself, front and center, in order to solve a cold case that has plagued her client, Mr. DeVito, for twenty-six years. The last thing she wants or needs is interference from outsiders- namely Detective Judson Blackwolf.

    But once she’d informed by the police captain- who just happens to be her father- and the small army of brothers who make it their duty to protect her, although she’d be the first to argue that point, Sunny has no choice in the matter. It’s either pal up with her new side-kick or forget about it.

    I loved every moment of Some Like it in Handcuffs. Sunny and Judson are great together, exasperating, unpredictable, and yes…undeniably drawn to one another. And with the two of them working the case, the clues keep piling up. But so does the heated attraction and Judson can barely keep his hands off. Everything else gets pushed to the back of his mind. Although Sunny’s determined not to be distracted, she can’t refuse just a sample. Or two. It was a treat to watch these two go toe to toe and fall head-over heels.

    Ms. Warner sprinkles the right touch of mystery with just the right amount of suspects. It will take both Sunny and Judson to bring a murderer to justice. If they don’t kill each other first!

    1. I like it. You hit all the high points without rambling. Your review makes me want to read the book.

      Great example of how to write a review. Thank you, Teresa.

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