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Discovery by R. C. Graham (Re-Release) Saturday, June 15, 2013

R. C. Graham will be releasing their latest short story, “Discovery” on Saturday, June 15, 2013.  This is a re-release of a book that was originally published through Phaze and ALL rights have been returned to the author.

Discovery is the short story of a man’s first foray into the BDSM lifestyle.  Told from his Point of View, we see the first time he meets his new submissive, and how he learns to be the Dom/Master he desires to be.  His submissive is a strong, independent woman who wants nothing more than to submit to the right Dom.

Discovery by R. C> Graham

Here is a short excerpt to whet your appetite for more.

The main party becomes a little stifling. Too many people too close together for me. I need some air and head to the apartment’s balcony. As I step out into the evening I see her.

She has tucked herself into the far corner and is looking out over the city, her back to the door I am standing in. Her shoulder length, straight hair is not quite platinum in color. She is tiny and slim, torso covered in a white, long sleeved blouse that reveals her midriff and wearing a short denim skirt almost too small to hide her lovely ass. Her legs are splendid and she has sexy flat sandals on her feet.

My gaze locks on her. There is something about her that instantly draws me. Something magical. She seems a sylph, a nymph of the air. I walk towards her, entranced.

As I come up next to her I announce my presence with a simple, “Hello.” She jumps a little, gives a quiet gasp and turns towards me.

Her front matches her rear. She is hardly large breasted but there is no doubt she has breasts. Her blouse is knotted across her sternum so her stomach is bare and her navel displays a small array of rhinestones. Coral colored lips enhance a thin, fair skinned face. But I only notice these things peripherally. My gaze is locked on her wide and sky blue eyes. They look at me with a touch of fear.

This makes the warmth I feel rise, it changes to lust. That must show on my face for her eyes widen a bit more and a blush appears on her cheeks.
“And you are?” I ask her then.

“Ah. Ariel,” she stammers in response. She lowers her gaze, looking at my chest.

“How perfect,” I remark, “I was thinking how much you looked like a nymph as I approached.”

She looks up at me again at that. A smile forms and her blush deepens.
“I’m John,” I tell her.

“After the saint?” she asks, moving her eyes down once again.

“That was probably what my parents hoped. But I’m no saint, not at all.”
She raises her eyes once more. A slight film has drawn over them. I can sense a tremor run through her.

I feel even more attracted to her now. She is so utterly beautiful. Her quick and intense sexuality is clear. The certainty grows in me that this is the woman set as my prey for tonight. The way my cock stiffens in my jeans reinforces that thought.

Discovery will be released at Smashwords, Kobo for free, and we hope to have it price matched at Barnes & Noble, Amazon asap. (It will be available for $.99 until price matched to free. Please feel free to submit where the price is lower, to help us facilitate having the book made free quickly.)

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