Guest Bloggers

Heaven’s Garden  welcomes guest bloggers, author interviews and giveaways.

Writing guidelines for guest bloggers:

1. Posts should be between 300-2500 words.

2. Posts should be geared toward reader, but may be geared toward writers also.

3. Funny posts or posts on edgier topics are HIGHLY encouraged, yet all are accepted. BE YOURSELF FIRST!

4. Please include a short bio (written in 3rd person), a publicity photo (If available-if desired), and a link to the cover of your book.

5. Guest posts may include an excerpt of your novel (excerpts not included in the word count totals).

6. Guest posts that coincide with giveaways tend to get more attention (but a giveaway is not required). I will advertise giveaways on Twitter, Facebook Pages and here at Heaven’s Garden.

7. I may need to edit some guest posts, but edits will always be run past the authors first. (Edits will usually be just for proper format)

If you would like to be a guest blogger, set up an “Author’s Interview”, organize a giveaway, or any combination of the three, please contact me at: @

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