angel Art Studio: Book Cover Design, Timeline Cover Designs, Business Card Designs.

Prices Vary. Will update service and price list shortly.

Heaven Wide Communication: Social Media Consultant and Public Relations

$100/mo. (2 tweets about your book each week; 2 LinkedIn status updates about your book each week; 2 Facebook updates about your book on both my personal and on Heaven’s Garden Fan page. 2 Google + updates each week; 1 post each week about one of your books. [If you have a series, I’ll start with the first book/first week, second book/second week and so on.] )I will attempt to get you book reviews, guest spots throughout the month.

You will be asked to do one guest post here at Heaven’s Garden each month. Any topic, but no outright promotion. (If you have a new book coming out, we’ll do separate promotion.) A buy link and a blurb with small cover are allowed at the end of your guest post, with your social media contacts. [Facebook, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, your website/blog] I ask that you blog at least once a week on your own blog to help keep your name out there.)

Twisted Rose Publishing: Husband/Wife Publishing Company

We do not accept clients at this time.

If you truly need a publishing company, contact me at heavens.garden.ca @ gmail.com and we will work out a contract that is beneficial to both you as the author and to my husband and I as publishers. We will put out all genre’s except Middle Grade/Children’s books. We will not put out books that deal with: Bestiality, Scat/Golden Showers, Incest/Twincest, Necrophilia. (Vampires and werewolves excluded), Rape as titillation.  Book cover design and possibly some promo items such as business card template, book mark template will be included in the price. Possible price point of $100-300/depending on whether you are going with digital only, print only, or a combination of the two, and what type of cover and promo items are needed.

You may be required to buy the pics necessary for a nominal fee. YOU will keep ALL rights to YOUR work at ALL times if you do work with us. You will only be paying for the name of Twisted Rose Publishing (To avoid the vanity press stigma), book cover, two edits. These will all be included in the one price negotiated between author and Twisted Rose Publishing.

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