Twisted Rose Publishing

Twisted Rose Publishing is the home to husband and wife authors, who each write their own books in different genres.

angel Graham writes Lesbian Erotic Romance. Her first book is A Woman to Love, the story of two women who meet on the internet and decide to take their relationship to real life. Will it work? Read and find out.

D. L. Graham is the non de plume of angel Graham. She writes non-fiction books, such as My Fear of You: Living with Agoraphobia, and What Reviewers Want.

R. C. Graham is the author of, Stewardess, a short story of a submissive’s foray into BDSM, and a collection of stories, titled Dominant Desires: Ropes & Roses, which has some beautiful stories of BDSM told from a Male Dom point of view.

R. C. Has also written a BDSM Awakening story, Discovery with a male dom as the newest member to the BDSM lifestyle.

The latest work by R. C. is On the Far Side of Darkness, a Paranormal Romance featuring a vampire and a mortal who fall in love…but will their love last?

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