The review policy for Heaven’s Garden is simple and easy.

  1. Send a request to Subject line: Review Request: Your Book Title/Book Genre.
  2. Do not send any attachments until specifically asked for. Please have a .PDF ready which has been properly edited and formatted.
  3. Body of email: please tell me in no more than 300 words about your book. (Similar to a query letter for agents.). In 200 words, tell me about you.
  4. No links. No attachments.
  5. You must use a working email. If a return email to you bounces, I do not try to find more recent contact information, regardless of how successful an author you may be. Everyone is beholden to the same rules. Any emails that do not conform to this will be deleted with no explanation.
  6. We do not accept children’s books, middle grade books, Westerns of any kind. Other books will be considered on individual basis.
  7. If your requests is approved for review, you will need to have the following ready for attachment to an email:
    • A .PDF of your book.
    • Cover of your book.
    • An author’s bio.
    • Working link to your blog or website.
    • Working buy links for your book.
    • A three to five paragraph, (1/2 – 1 page) synopsis or overview of your book. If you have one you use for agents, that will work fine.

    Requests are being taken for June 2013 and beyond. Any requests for a book review sooner than this will be rejected automatically with no explanation. Any requests that do not conform to this format will also be rejected without explanation.

What you can expect in return.

  1. Prompt, courteous reply. Please allow up to 72 hours for a first reply before sending a second email. I have a list of prior requests I am working through, and deal with illness on a regular basis, so it can be up to 3 days before I can reply back.
  2. Honest, but respectful review. Your book may receive anything from a DNF (Did Not Finish), or one to five star review. I try to address my personal problem with a book, when applicable, without attacking an author.
  3. An approximate time frame for when your book review will show up on Heaven’s Garden. It is your responsibility to see if it is up at that time, or if an explanation exists for why it is not. In that event, I will attempt to contact you as to why there may be a delay.
  4. I will also post review at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads. If you would like it to be placed elsewhere, please indicate this in your Second email, the one where links are allowed.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Rules of Reviews and following the directive. This will ensure that your request is acknowledged and puts you in line for an honest book review.

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