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On the Far Side of Darkness Giveaway!

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On The Far Side of Darkness is an anthology of stories about Georges Belleveau, a vampire since The Terror and his human lover, Diane Patterson. It is now available for pre-order from Smashwords and will be released on Halloween. The price will be $0.99 until that day. Here is an excerpt to whet your appetite. It’s adults only and very hot.

It’s three in the morning and I am in Diane’s bed.

My hands stroke her auburn hair and my lips caress the fair satin skin of her forehead. She shivers in response.

I need to use little of my power with her these days. She’s become accustomed to and desirous for my touch. But for her pleasure, I push some fire into her, make the shimmering heat she feels rise.

I pause to make sure my mask is in place. Diane can never know what I am. The consequences would be too grievous for me to bear. For a moment my body stiffens at the vision my imagination creates of that moment, of Diane in terror of what I am.

“Georges?” my love asks, puzzled at my sudden hesitation.

“Nothing, cher. Once again I’m awed by how I feel.” Which is both true and very frightening.

My mouth moves down, covers hers, works at her hungrily. She answers with the same passion. Her hands rove, teasing my skin. As always, to my amazement, I react. Shimmering emotion fills me. This isn’t my usual hunt. I’ve come to care for her.

My arms go around her back and I hug her close. Breaking my face away from hers I look into her eyes. “Sweet Diane,” I exhale.

Her eyes glitter at me, lust providing the sharp sparkles and warmth a deep glow. “Georges,” she whispers back.

My face lowers to her neck. For a moment, my hunger screams at me to feed, drain her dry, leave a cold corpse lying here to spread fear in the world. I easily ignore it. Monster I may be but not all the time, and especially not now.

Instead my tongue teases with soft, quick licks. I use my power to push Diane’s passion a little higher. She sucks in a sharp breath and a tremor runs through her. Her fingernails dig softly into my arm and back.

I chuckle against her throat and move on. Playing, I lave her shoulders and chest, sweep up her small breast and take a nipple in my mouth. It pops into stiffness and I feel her aureola crinkle under my tongue. With my canines I lightly nip the tender nub. A slight hint of the ecstasy feeding creates washes into her. Diane gurgles, grabs my dark hair and pulls me close. I suck hard at her. The sound of her legs running over the sheets as she spreads herself comes to me.

I play over to her other breast and gambol there for long moments. Her body begins a steady tremble as I do.

With mischievous kisses I move down to her tummy. My power propels her emotions, raising her joy higher still. As I come to her hips I run the edges of my teeth over the skin above her joints. Her muscles jerk, then jerk again. “Georges” she whimpers, “no more teasing, please.”

“D’accord,” I tell her. I drape her left leg over my shoulder so that her labia sit in front of me, quivering and lustrous. The sweet, rich aroma of her arousal stuffs my nose.

My tongue runs out and licks up her soaking outer lips. Diane hisses and her body lurches as I do. I run around and around her, sopping up her taste. The hiss becomes a moan and her movements rhythmic. More lusciously flavored fluids dribble from her to be swallowed by me.

Gently, I work a finger inside, pushing slowly. I run in and out with a steady beat. Her hips match my cadence and her inner muscles squeeze my digit. Her moan becomes syncopated with sharp gasps. Diane’s heated odor grows more intense.

I add a second finger and my pumps increase in speed. Diane’s moan rises in volume, nears a wail. “Ah!” she huffs, “God! Please!” Her skin heats, I can feel its glow on my own.

My fingers rotate in her, press hard against the spongy spot on the ceiling of her channel. Her body stiffens and she gurgles, moments away from ecstasy.

I cover her stiff clit with my mouth. A little suction and I pull the little bud in, lap at it softly and rapidly. Diane falls away from the world as I do.

A loud stutter rushes from her lungs. Her hips blur back and forth, driving my fingers in and out. She clamps on them, her joy demanding I stay inside her. Her skin colors and sweat runs over her.

Diane’s climax fades but doesn’t draw back far. My thumb replaces my tongue and tickles softly. She sounds an “Oh!”, pauses to gasp, another “Oh!” and she’s gone again. She keens her pleasure and shivers with an ague of ecstasy.

While she’s distracted, I place my mouth on her left thigh, drop my fangs and puncture her femoral artery.

This is my climax. The rich taste of her blood runs into my mouth and my awareness is almost lost under it. The rush of life fills me with an abandoned glee. Nothing tasted as delicious when I was alive.

Adding even more to it is the fact that I care deeply for this woman, and she cares for me. It adds an exponent of elation I’ve not tasted in far too long.

That joy radiates out from me and into Diane. It slams into her orgasm, pumps it up into a bright flame that blanks out her mind. She grows stiff as a board. Every few seconds she twitches and a tiny click sounds from her throat. I’ve taken her far from the physical world.

I pull my mouth from her with a quiet hiss. I’ve had enough. What I am wants it all but I’m full. I don’t feed until death. I’m forced to drink, not to kill. Pain shimmers through me as I recall the times I did kill. I don’t like being a monster.

Diane relaxes, her bliss releasing her. Before she can notice, I lick my punctures and they vanish as if they never existed.

I move myself next to her. Leaning in, I kiss her cheek, swipe at the salt liquid slicked there. Pulling back, I watch her, one hand gently petting her stomach, calling her back to reality. Her face is blank and her chest heaves.

Again I feel amazement that I’m here with her close, in more ways than one. I don’t want to but I wallow in the sensation. Once more, I almost feel like a man again.

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Cover for my next e-book

I’ve taken a sabbatical from writing. I had a very nasty experience a while ago that threw a lot of doubt on my writing. Not my ability to write. That’s fine and I’m good at it. But I found out that propriety is just as important to a writer as it is to any other career.

Unfortunately I’m not a proper person.

So writing became difficult. I spent as much time obsessing about what mine I would step on next time as I did writing. It was like trying to walk on a broken leg.

My wife suggested I take a sabbatical. It was good advice and I took it. I must admit now when I think of writing something I don’t stress about the BS.

A sabbatical doesn’t mean I can’t plan for when I do start writing again. I’ve been planning on redoing my first book, a series of short stories centred around a vampire, Georges Belleveau, and his human lover, Diane Patterson. They’re two of my favourite characters. The original book was called In The Dark. The company that published it is defunct. I’m a better writer now and I think a reissue would do well.

A couple of months ago my wife won a professional cover for a book in a contest. She graciously passed that opportunity to me. We told the artist, Suzan Butler, what we wanted and she turned out a lovely piece of work.

Isn’t it lovely? Thank you so much, Suzan. And to my lovely wife, angel.

Super Zero by Rhonda Stapleton/A Dog’s Life by Dale Mayer: Two for Tuesday Reviews

Today’s reviews are two romantic comedies, a genre that until now, I have skipped over. No more. Due to Dale Mayer’s, “A Dog’s Life” and Rhonda Stapleton’s ,”Super Zero”, I have discovered the pleasure that is romantic comedy. First up is:

20120930-173719.jpg Super Zero by Rhonda Stapleton was one of the most delightful reads I have had in a long time. The story kept me guessing as to who the villain or villains were.

Jenna is a mere human being amongst SuperHero’s. Her boss is Mason, aka The Machine one of the SuperHero’s and the head of the League of Heroes. Rowena is his wife, a super heroine. It is the Midwest League of Heroes turn to guard a Crystal that can turn a normal human into a superhero, though one never knows what their new power will be, or it can strip a superhero of their power. Either way, it must be protected.

Jenna becomes the guardian of the Crystal when it comes to the LOH. Vigilante is the superhero ordered to protect Jenna from those who would try to steal the crystal.

The story has twist and turns that will have you laughing and the biting your fingernails. Ms. Stapleton did a fantastic job on the writing and bringing the characters to life for her readers.

I did find some editing problems that took away from the reading for a moment, but it was easy to get back into it once I figured out what the sentences were supposed to be.

If you have never read a romantic comedy before, Super Zero is great for cutting your teeth on. Highly recommended.

Next up is:
A Dog’s Life by Dale Mayer which was a laugh out loud book. A woman who has never owned a pet starts her first day working as a secretary for a vet. The first day jitters, coupled with a hectic zoo like atmosphere at the vet’s leads Ninna to believe she is losing her mind.

You see, Ninna hears voices. Okay, more like just one voice. The voice of a dog, named Mosey. Mosey is a plump canine of the Bassett Hound breed. A bit rotund, a bit snarky, but dog love ’em, he is so much fun.

Ninna has spent countless hours and dollars with mental health professionals and pharmaceuticals to stop these voices she has been hearing much of her life. It has been sometime since she last heard the voices and she cannot believe it is happening again.

While all of this is happening, we discover that there have been a number of burglaries in Ninna’s neighborhood. What Ninna is unaware of is that this thief has a special interest in her. He’s been watching her through her curtains and is becoming increasingly agitated as he realizes he has changed his routine which has kept him from capture for so long.

Stuart is the good looking vet who lives across the street. He brings home animals who need a little extra TLC. This wonderful looking vet needs a dog sitter, and Ninna is trying to decide if she wants a dog or cat and so Stuart offers to allow her to stay at his home to care for the dogs. Nothing can go wrong…right?! Wrong…it does, and in a big way while Ninna is still listening to Mosey as he tells her he wants gravy. More gravy. “What, no gravy?” Sorry, channeling my inner cartoon character.

I won’t tell you anymore because I do not want to give the story away. The ending will surprise you, in I think, a good way.

This is the third book I have read of Ms. Mayer and I must say, it is my favorite. Dale writes wonderful suspense romance, but this romantic comedy just really has it all. I hope to read more RC’s from Ms. Mayer in the future. She is fast becoming one of my favorite go to authors to read.

Bone Deep by Bonnie Dee/Tuesday’s Child by Dale Mayer

First up for today’s review is:
Bone Deep by Bonnie Dee

It is 1945. Sarah is a war widow who ends up at a carnival. She goes with friends into the “freak Show” tent where she sees the tattooed man along with others. Something about the man with tattoos stays with her. Next morning, she finds him in her barn.

This story deals with prejudice in many forms. Also, abuse. Sarah sees beyond the tattoos to the human inside. Can she help her town see it before it is too late for Tom, the tattoo man?

This is a great read, and worth picking up. I got it while it was free.

4 1/2 stars from me.

Next up is Tuesday’s Child by Dale Mayer

What a story. A woman who doesn’t just see the murders, she lives them with the victims. This sorry grabbed my attention and never let go. This was the second book by Ms. Mayer I read, but will not be the last. If you like romance with your paranormal, this is the author for you to read, and a series worth reading.

4 3/4 stars.

The Scarred Soul by Tracy Alderman/Beginning to Heal by Ellen Bass Two for Tuesday

The Scarred Soul by Tracy Alderman is one of those rare self-help books which really does help. As a self-injured who is going on nearly twelve years without an active SI episode, I know that this book can be a life preserver.

Do you cut or burn or engage in otherwise harmful ways to yourself? Do you know why you do this? These are some of the things which Ms. Alderman encourages each reader to discover for themselves.

There are different exercises you can do, ways to help yourself in modifying your cutting behavior. I know it works as I was once you. Sometimes, when being completely honest with myself, I could be there again. It is, in my opinion, a possible addiction not unlike smoking and alcoholism. Is one ever “cured?” I don’t know. I don’t think even Ms. Alderman would know, but she does know what she’s talking about when she explains some of the reasons one way decide to engage in self-harm.

Beginning to Heal by Ellen Bass

About twenty years ago, a dear friend asked for more information regarding child sexual abuse. I had the larger book, The Courage to Heal but realized it would be too overwhelming. Beginning to heal gave my friend the basics of what she needed to know, and it gave her some information that let her know that the things she had been doing to try to help me such as believing me, listening, supporting me, were all the right things to do.

The section for family & friends who are supporters helped her to see that taking time for herself, her family, would not jeopardize our friendship, nor my recovery.

I highly recommend this book to anyone recovering from child sexual abuse, or those who are supporting survivors of the same.

Exclusive with Eden Bradley…/Lover’s Moan by Savannah Chase

Today’s review is slightly different. One paperback book with Three authors. Three Stories. One Review., plus a short story by Savannah Chase.
Exclusive First up is Eden Bradley’s, “Sanctuary” where Devin meets Master Shaye. Devin’s best friend convinces her to go to a fetish club where the lights are high, the music loud and the play is insatiable. What started as going to make her friend happy becomes much more. Devin finds she actually is enjoying it.

Master Shaye is an experienced Dom who is one of the “players” at the Fetish Club, “Club X”…where Devin stumbles in and catches his eye. Shaye enjoys playing with the subs at the club, as he doesn’t have to risk emotional dealing with them. He can just play and they leave.

Devin has never been a part of the BDSM lifestyle. Can Shaye teach her to enjoy it as much as he does? Will he lose his heart to this innocent?

This was my first chance to read Eden Bradley but is not my last. I have since read Dark Gardens and hope to read many more in the near future. Ms. Bradley’s knowledge of the BDSM lifestyle is apparent in her writing and that makes it much more enjoyable for me. I tend to shy away from reading most BDSM as much of it is written by people who know next to nothing about it, other than it is a money maker, apparently. If you want real BDSM told with honest and truth, Eden Bradley is the first one I’d turn to.

Next is Wild Nights by Jaci Burton is a novella that stands alone but is better understood if you have already read her novel Wild, Wicked, & Wanton (Berkley Heat). This short novella connects us once again to Mike Nottingham. Mike has seen it all, and this leaves him jaded. He’s in Las Vegas looking for something, something different…

Grace Wylde is almost a mirror image of Mike. As untouchable as he is…and Mike doesn’t like it one bit. He’s used to being the one to let others down, easy or not…but Grace does it to him before he can do it to her. Grace doesn’t want commitment anymore than Mike…

When Mike accepts a friends invitation to an exclusive club, he meets the owner, Grace Wylde and nothing is the same again…Will he convince her he wants more than a fling? Will she convince him she does also.

Last up is Purple Magic by Lisa Renee Jones where Vampires coexist knowingly with humans. Jolene is trying to save her friend Carrie from the evil Alex who has captured more woman than just this one. Drago is a Slayer who is working undercover to bring the Vampire, Alex down…but when he meets Jolene, he finds that his soul crys out to him that she is his mate. Can he push the feeling down in order to complete his mission, to save not only Carrie, but the others imprisoned by Alex? Can Jolene trust this man, slayer with not only her friend’s life, but her own heart?

I had not read Jaci Burton or Lisa Renee Jones before reading Exclusive. I enjoyed their stories, but must say that Eden Bradley’s is still the one that resonates most with me.

If you want an enjoyable read, I suggest this book for sure. I read it over the course of several weeks, as I had a number of Dr. appointments and would read it while waiting each week. Otherwise, this could be read in several hours for certain.

Lover’s Moan by Savannah Chase
This was a very short piece of erotica that was enjoyable. Because of it’s shortness, I have decided to only link it and not do a review.