Dominating Amy by Emily Ryan-Davis/In Cassie’s Corner by Dale Mayer Two for Tuesday Reviews

Two for Tuesday: October 08, 2012

Dominating Amy by Emily Ryan-Davis

This is a short read, bit well worth the time. There are only really two sex scenes, but I very much enjoyed reading this novelette by Ms. Davis. The author spent time with letting us learn about Mac and Amy, and why Mac shies away from being the dominant that Amy feels she needs.

Amy works as a model, sometimes posing for fetish layouts. During her friends Elizabeth’s (a Domme) party, she is bound by a man demonstrating shibari rope ties. She slips into sub space, a place where submissive’s sometimes go when the pleasure is overwhelming. I say this as a submissive myself. Elizabeth calls Mac to take her home, using wine as the reason for his wife’s tipsy behavior. Mac is not deceived by this.

Do to his fathers abusive behavior to his submissive mother, Mac wants no part of the Dominant/submissive lifestyle. Yet, the thought of a life without Amy is one he cannot face.

Dominating Amy allows us to have a look into the beginning of a BDSM relationship where marriage is involved. I feel Emily got this quite right and recommend this quick read to anyone who wants a little heat with their reading.

In Cassie’s Corner by Dale Mayer

This book just did not stand up to the others I have read by Ms. Mayer. There were too many mistakes, missing words, repeated phrases, story lines left undone. In Cassie’s Corner left me feeling, blah. Like, who cares.

Todd is dead. Drunk driving, or so the police say. Cassie is, was, his best friend. He shows up in her room one night and begs her not to believe what she is going to hear the next day. She agrees and goes to sleep. Next morning, her parent’s tell her that Todd is dead.

This had a good concept, and given how much I enjoyed all of her other books, I am disappointed. I had expected much more in the way of story, plot line, writing and more. If this is your first time reading Ms. Mayer, I recommend Tuesday’s Child first.