Accepting Guest Bloggers

guest bloggers welcomeWe are accepting Guest Bloggers at Heaven’s Garden Productions. If you are interested, please read the guidelines for contact information and what is expected of all guest bloggers.

We welcome guest bloggers of just about any genre. (No Children’s/Middle Grade please). Most topics are accepted, just make sure your topic is legal. (Nothing promoting drug use, incest, etc…)

It is important that all guest blog posts are properly edited by the author of said post. I will also do a cursory check, but it’s up to the guest blogger to have it be the best post possible.

Thursday’s and Saturdays are open to all guest bloggers. Other days at this point are up closed. First come, first served. I’ll keep a list of who will guest blog on what days so we can all keep track. Please give both your first choice for day and second choice. This will make it simpler for both of us, as I won’t need to try to find out what other day may work for you.