Exclusive with Eden Bradley…/Lover’s Moan by Savannah Chase

Today’s review is slightly different. One paperback book with Three authors. Three Stories. One Review., plus a short story by Savannah Chase.
Exclusive First up is Eden Bradley’s, “Sanctuary” where Devin meets Master Shaye. Devin’s best friend convinces her to go to a fetish club where the lights are high, the music loud and the play is insatiable. What started as going to make her friend happy becomes much more. Devin finds she actually is enjoying it.

Master Shaye is an experienced Dom who is one of the “players” at the Fetish Club, “Club X”…where Devin stumbles in and catches his eye. Shaye enjoys playing with the subs at the club, as he doesn’t have to risk emotional dealing with them. He can just play and they leave.

Devin has never been a part of the BDSM lifestyle. Can Shaye teach her to enjoy it as much as he does? Will he lose his heart to this innocent?

This was my first chance to read Eden Bradley but is not my last. I have since read Dark Gardens and hope to read many more in the near future. Ms. Bradley’s knowledge of the BDSM lifestyle is apparent in her writing and that makes it much more enjoyable for me. I tend to shy away from reading most BDSM as much of it is written by people who know next to nothing about it, other than it is a money maker, apparently. If you want real BDSM told with honest and truth, Eden Bradley is the first one I’d turn to.

Next is Wild Nights by Jaci Burton is a novella that stands alone but is better understood if you have already read her novel Wild, Wicked, & Wanton (Berkley Heat). This short novella connects us once again to Mike Nottingham. Mike has seen it all, and this leaves him jaded. He’s in Las Vegas looking for something, something different…

Grace Wylde is almost a mirror image of Mike. As untouchable as he is…and Mike doesn’t like it one bit. He’s used to being the one to let others down, easy or not…but Grace does it to him before he can do it to her. Grace doesn’t want commitment anymore than Mike…

When Mike accepts a friends invitation to an exclusive club, he meets the owner, Grace Wylde and nothing is the same again…Will he convince her he wants more than a fling? Will she convince him she does also.

Last up is Purple Magic by Lisa Renee Jones where Vampires coexist knowingly with humans. Jolene is trying to save her friend Carrie from the evil Alex who has captured more woman than just this one. Drago is a Slayer who is working undercover to bring the Vampire, Alex down…but when he meets Jolene, he finds that his soul crys out to him that she is his mate. Can he push the feeling down in order to complete his mission, to save not only Carrie, but the others imprisoned by Alex? Can Jolene trust this man, slayer with not only her friend’s life, but her own heart?

I had not read Jaci Burton or Lisa Renee Jones before reading Exclusive. I enjoyed their stories, but must say that Eden Bradley’s is still the one that resonates most with me.

If you want an enjoyable read, I suggest this book for sure. I read it over the course of several weeks, as I had a number of Dr. appointments and would read it while waiting each week. Otherwise, this could be read in several hours for certain.

Lover’s Moan by Savannah Chase
This was a very short piece of erotica that was enjoyable. Because of it’s shortness, I have decided to only link it and not do a review.