Coming soon to an e-book publisher near you.

These days I’m reworking some stories and characters I’ve created.

A few years ago I wrote a story for a website called Literotica. This site holds frequent contest based around a theme. I started working on a story with a vampire as a central character. I became quite interested in the story and it was a joy writing it.

The readers agreed. I won the contest, which was a really good trick since there were over 150 entries and some were by writers who are very good.

Then another story came to mind with the same character, and I wrote that one. After that another one seemed necessary because I really wanted a happy ending for the main character and the woman he fell in love with. Then a story with her as the main character. Another one with her and finally, finally, one that brought their character arc to an end.

Until I thought of more with them. I’m glad I like these characters.

These stories were e-published in an anthology entitled In The Dark several years ago. The publisher went defunct so I got the rights back. I’ve gone over them and realized I could make them better.

So I’m reworking them. Deepening the relationship between the main characters mostly, along with sharpening the conflict between the hero and the villainess in the first story. Sometime in the near future I’ll be releasing these stories in a new anthology going by the title On The Far Side Of Darkness.

So look for the adventures of Georges Belleveau and Diane Patterson in the not too distant future.