How to Request a Book Review: Workshop Wednesday

Last week, I described how to write a book review. Today, we will work on how to requests a book review. This is a general way of doing it, but remember, each reviewer has their own policy.

  • To begin, you will want to have a list of the places you wish to requests a review from. The best way to put your list together is to google for book reviewers for your genre. Some of the general reviewers are Big Al’s Books & Pals, BookSlut. There are many more out there waiting for you to discover them.
  • I suggest having a list of 20-50 sites, as nearly half of them will have non-working links, non-working emails, incorrect contact information, will not acknowledge emails for numerous reasons, even if you followed their directions to the letter, and more.
  • Write individual emails. Do not use a form letter. In your email, address the reviewer by name, if it is available, otherwise, I would say you could address them by their site name. For instance, if you did not know I am angel Graham, and could only find the site name, Heaven’s Garden, I would not be offended if your request began as: Dear Heaven’s Garden.
  • Be brief, but follow each site’s policy on how to ask for (request) a review. Here, you will want to check out Review Policy,to see what our rules are. Tell the reviewer in one short paragraph what your book is about, what genre, including if it is fiction or non-fiction, and if you have a book release coming up and when. Some reviewers will try to work with you to review in time for your release date, but not all.
  • Use spellcheck, proper grammar, and punctuation. Pretend you are sending your request to a publisher or agent and put your best foot forward. No one expects absolute perfection, but numerous errors in your requests do not bode well in receiving a review.
  • Have your author’s bio ready along with a brief outline or synopsis of the book, buy links to where readers may purchase the book, a copy of the book in .mobi, .ePub, .pdf, or other popular formats for ereaders. Have a cover image ready of high quality which can be sized down as needed. DO NOT SEND UNTIL REQUESTED.
  • Remember to include your name, your pen name, if applicable, and your email within the body of the email. This simply makes the reviewers work easier. Make sure your email addy is written correctly and works. You have no idea how many times I have tried to reply to authors emails and it bounced back. I don’t try to find proper contact information any longer, I am too busy.
  • Close your email off in a respectful manner. If you have an email signature you typically use, now is the time to be sure it is updated and in working order. A link to your website, to your social media would be good ideas here, but it is up to you if you wish to do this. For myself, an email signature with links is different from links within the actual body of the email, which most reviewers do not want.

There you have it. Now, send out your requests and bye ready with your information, including release dates if asked by reviewer. Go forth and request.

Have you ever asked for a book review? How did it go? Do you do book reviews? Leave your name and a link to your website in the comments section. Perhaps someone will requests a review from you.